Boot Fetishism - Fetish dedicated to boots - boot worship and female domination - Page 29

A brunette Mistress is riding a white horse. She is wearing a white blouse, gray breeches and black riding boots. The dominating female sits on a saddle while she rides the horse. She looks like she is always pissed off. I wouldn't be surprised if she punishes her male slave when she gets done riding the white horse. She probably has a whole stable of slaves waiting to be dominated by her.

Madame Marissa and her girlfriend takes a walk in the woods. They get their black boots all dirty before they get back home. The dominating females walk all over a male slave's face and chest while still wearing their dirty boots. They use him like a doormat and his white t-shirt turns brown with the dirt from the bottom of their boots. Madame Marissa and her girlfriend even makes him eat some of the dirt.

Sophia Smith is relaxing on her bed while wearing blue denim shorts and black knee-high boots with spiked heels. She is also wearing a black bra. The brunette beauty moves her leather boot-covered long legs up and down before crossing them at the ankles. You can clearly see how sexy her ass is in her blue denim shorts. She moves her long hair as if expecting you to surprise her at any moment.

Mistress BlackDiamoond was in a mood to watch her male slave suffer. She ordered Dietrich to lie down on the floor wearing just his black mask and briefs. The wicked Mistress wore a purple latex catsuit and black boots with very thick soles. She began walking all over him while her other slave watched while in his cage. Mistress BlackDiamoond trampled Dietrich's chest, nuts, hands and face. She enjoyed it so much that she is planning to do the same to her other slave.

Mistress Lisa Jordan is sitting in her chair when she decides to become a boot whore. She smiles while playing with her new shiny black boots with spiked heels. The long-legged sexy brunette even gets on the floor and shows them off. She can't help but to smile as she licks them like she makes her slaves do. Maybe she should spend more time alone with her new shiny black boots.

Mistress Megan humiliates her male slave in various ways. First, she makes Murat lick her black boots from top to bottom while laughing at him. She then uses his mouth as an ashtray for her cigarette. The long-legged slender brunette makes him swallow her cigarette ashes. She even puts her chewing gum on his forehead to humiliate him even more. He does it all without complaining so he can smell her pantyhose-covered feet.

Mistress Kitty Devine is staying at a swanky hotel when she decided that her black thigh-high boots needed a good cleaning. She phoned room service and asked for a maid. A masked sissy maid showed up and the long-legged blonde put her to work. She made him clean the soles of her black boots with his tongue. Mistress Kitty Devine then made him deep throat her spiked heels before massaging her sexy feet.

Megan proves that she can be a mean bitch. She gets her masked slave hard while she is wearing her black boots with spike heels. The cruel dominating brunette then kicks him in the balls hard enough to bring him down to his knees. She doesn't stop kicking his nuts until they are completely destroyed. Mean Megan knows that there is nothing more satisfying than to make a male slave weak, vulnerable and pathetic.

A wicked brunette Mistress wearing a black bra, elbow-length gloves, shorts and stockings makes her masked male slave lick her black boots. He knows that he needs to obey her every command or she will drive her spike heels into his flesh. She is in charge of his reward so he cleans her black boots with his useless tongue. He earns a few good kicks for being such a good little boot licker.

This brunette Mistress spits on her black boots with the spiked heels. She is wearing a long-sleeved black blouse and fishnet stockings with red lacing down the sides. The dominating female wants you to lick her boots clean. She bares her bright red fingernails and will rake your face if you don't do as you're told. You better get busy licking her black boots before she kicks and scratches you.

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