Boot Fetishism - Fetish dedicated to boots - boot worship and female domination - Page 27

This mistress was scantily dressed and this guy thought it was an invitation to spank her. She was mad and had to punish him. She wanted to send a message to other guys who might be tempted to do this in future. So she used her high heel boots to trample. She trampled his painfully and without any mercy. When she was done, the guy regretted even thinking of spanking her.

Mistress Marie loves to humiliate and teach a cruel lesson to anyone who dares to cross her path. This guy did and he lived to regret it. She tied him up painfully and cruelly and used her high heels to punish him. She shoved her high heel inside his mouth and trampled his cock with the other high heel. She did things to him that she had never done to anyone and it was brutal.

This mistress was mad when she came home in the evening. Her slave pissed her off and she could not handle all her anger. She had to let it out somehow and she unloaded it all on him. She made him remove his pants and she used her boots to kick him in the balls and cock and ball bust him. When she was done, her anger vanished and she was ok.

Lisa Jordan is a sexy mistress. She has the curves, she has the looks, she has the tits and she has the ass. She has it all. And she has the moves to boot. She also likes boots. She enjoys using the boots to add to her looks. But the real reason she likes the boots is to use them to threaten and punish slaves who do not do as she says when she wants them to humiliate themselves while she watches.

This mistress loves her boots dearly. She loves to wear them almost anywhere she goes not only because they are beautiful and make her look great, she also loves them because they are a tool for punishment. She gets pissed off easily and she does not like to get mad at something or someone for too long. She likes to get even and with her boots, she can trample and kick or trample the offender instantly.

This mistress is hot. She loves herself just as much as the guys love her. She likes to take advantage of this fact to have a little fun. She loves boots and enjoys using them to have this fun at the expense of guys. She likes to make them lick the boots or her dirty socks. She also likes to make the guy endure her painful trampling telling them that it turns her on.

Mistress Marie is not someone to mess with. She does not get mad easily but when she does, she is the worst person to deal with. Her punishments are cruel and she delivers them with intent. She was pissed off by this guy and she punished him cruelly and painfully. She had him bend over while completely naked and she tied his balls and pulled the string. She also used her high heels on his balls.

Princess Lacey loves high heel boots. She loves them because she looks gorgeous in them. The boots are her way of making cash because she loves to tease her slaves and make crazy videos for her money slaves. When they see her in them, they loosen their purse strings and they bank roll her. That is why she has perfected the art of using her boots to flirt with them.

Sarah has a boot fetish. She loves her boots to bits and loves them for different reasons. For starters, she likes them because they make her look tall. Secondly, she likes them because they make her look pretty. Thirdly, she loves them because they are a good accessory in the event she wants to humiliate and punish a slave. They are a good weapon she uses to trample and punish slaves.

Masorotica sits on her throne wearing her favorite black boots. She has a new dirty boot licker and she puts him right to work. The long-legged slender dominating female smiles as he uses his tongue for something useful for a change. She lets him lick the dirty soles of her black boots and even tells him how good a job he is doing. When he misses up, Masorotica is quick to plant her boot bottom on his face.

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