Boot Fetishism - Fetish dedicated to boots - boot worship and female domination - Page 28

Mistress Megan was still wearing her hot pink tights and black leather biker jacket and boots when she came home. Her perverted male slave will do anything just to sniff her sweaty boots. The brutal brunette promises he can if only he can take her kicks. She gives him a couple of light kicks before kicking flat out in the nuts. He bends over and falls to the floor paralyzed with pain. Mistress Megan laughs at him while calling him a loser.

There is a reason why you don't mess around with Lady Steffi. She gets pissed off at a couple of guys and starts busting their faces. The tough tattooed redheaded bitch kicks them hard in their faces while wearing her high-heeled black boots. She is not gentle with them either and doesn't show an ounce of pity to them. Makes me wonder what they really did to make Lady Steffi so mad at them.

Hey, how came this bus right into my living room...? Giantess Marissa is very surprised to see the tiny vehicle right down at the ground - and she doesn't like it! Let's see how they can handle a giant passenger like her! She wants to enter the bus and the ground is shaking. Of course there is no chance to come into a small vehicle like this and so everything is bursting instead! Again and again she stamps at the bus and doesn't stop before there are only small pieces left. And of course the driver also gets a very special treatment...!

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