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Princess Melena wanted to try boot fetishism and she did so on her ex. She knew that he would go to her house to try and beg her for mercy. Like clockwork, he did and she had the chance she had always wanted. The mistress made sure that she dominated and degraded the guy with her high heel boots to do it for her fun and to make him stop bothering her.

With her boots, mistress Jenny made sure that this guy was in pain. He was a con and she did not want to associate with such guys. He had tried to use her name to swindle some people and she did not want him to soil her good name. So she used her boots to kick him in the balls for him to know that she would not allow that to happen.

Being a lazy guy, this guy thought he could get away with it and make this mistress do most of the work in the house. He wanted to be sneaky and sly but it did not work as the mistress made sure he accounted for his time and when he did not, she used her boots to punish him until he agreed to change. He knew he had to and he did.

Mistress Anna loves to do crazy things all the time and today was one such day. She chose to use her boots to try boot fetishism and that is exactly what she did today. It was a lot of fun for her and the mistress wondered how she had not done it sooner as she had been missing a lot. She made sure that losers were dominated with her boots.

Mistress Layla and mistress Jane were not impressed with the way this guy acted. He had to be punished and he was punished cruelly as the mistresses cruelly trampled him with their boots and when they were done, they placed a couch on him and they sat on it. He was in pain and he cried as he begged them to stop it. He even peed his pants as he begged them.

Because this mistress was out to make sure her slave never did what he had done again, she chose to use her boots to do it. It had to be the sort of punishment he would not forget and the mistress made sure that he would never forget it as long as he lived. That is why the mistress cruelly trampled his fingers with her boots and made him pee his pants.

Lady Layla needed to instill discipline on this girl and she did it with her boots as she had tried to talk to her but it did not seem to help. So she used her high heel boots to trample the crap out of the girl and she did it all over her body. The girl felt pain and she realized that it was time for her to change in order to avoid such punishments.

Lady Victoria wanted to pass a message to this guy and that is why she opted to use her boots to do it. She did not care what the guy felt as she had to pass the message whichever way she could. That is why she chose to use her boot fetishism to teach him a lesson he had never been taught before. He was also humiliated but it served him right.

Mistress Erika wanted to degrade this guy and she did it with her boots. The mistress chose to make the poor guy lick the soles of her boots so she sat back and watched as he did it. The mistress gave him instructions on how to do it as she sipped her wine. In addition to that, she cruelly punished the guy and had him know that she was watching him so he had to do it right.

Lady Ayse needed this slave to know who called the shots. The mistress had to make sure that she did not have to remind him again so she did what she had never done before which was to trample him, have him lick her boots as well as facesit him. He was humiliated and he was dominated as well. She did not care what happened to him as she chatted while he did what she ordered.

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