Boot Fetishism - Fetish dedicated to boots - boot worship and female domination - Page 18

Mistress Alla was all alone in the house. She wanted to have fun with her stuffed whale. But it was not as fun as it was before. She wanted to do something else to make it more fun. So she wore her boots and she used them to crush it and to stomp it. That was what she was looking for as she had a lot of fun crushing the whale with her boots.

Lady B is great when it comes to boot trampling. She has boot fetish and she loves to crush and torture using her boots. She wore her gumboots today and she waded in mud. She then crushed stuff along the way home and when she reached home, she forced her slave to lick the stuff from the soles of her boots. She had fun as the loser was in pain and was humiliated.

This mistress did not want to forgive this loser for what he had done. She was especially pissed because he had done it before and she had warned him about it. She made him place his fingers and his hands on the floor and she used her boots to trample him. The mistress jumped on them and she crushed them as painfully as she could before she let him go.

Princess Serena has a lovely ass. She loves to use it to tease guys. Once she has teased them enough, she loves to challenge them and with their egos, many of them fall for her trap. She likes to make them prove to her that they are not sissies and that is how she gets to trample them with her boots and also stomp on them. She then has a lot of fun at their expense.

Mistress Emily Jones loves her boots. They are a companion for her. She loves them and wears them all the time. She never lacks an occasion to wear them. Today she wanted this loser to learn a lesson so she used her boots to do it. She went to the woods and she came back with muddy boots. She then had the guy lick it all and swallow it on her orders.

Mistress BlackDiamoond and her friend mistress Aurelia do not like snitches. They heard that he was a snitch so they baited him to make sure. He took the bait and they caught him. They punished him cruelly using their high heels and their boots. He was forced to lick their heels and endure the painful trampling. He was also forced to blow them as if it was a dick in his mouth.

Mistress Claire is a quiet one but guys mistake her sweet face with kindness. She is a cruel mistress if you mess with her and this guy found out the hard way. She crushed him and kicked him with her boots when she caught him trying to break into her house. She stomped on him while he was naked and she made him regret what he had done. He had never felt so much pain.

Mistress Morgan loves telling her slave what she wants him to do and then making him do it. She usually finds that it is a better way to punish the slave as he knows what to expect and it makes it more brutal than when he does not know what is coming next. She made her slave lick her boots as well as the soles and threatened to crush him and trample on him.

Madame Marissa called her employee to the office. She was angry at him for not meeting his targets for the quarter. She could understand him not meeting the target for a month but for a quarter, she had to punish him. And she did it by crushing him with her boots. She also made him lick the same boots and warned him to make sure he did not fail to meet his targets again.

Mistress Pandora could not believe it when she learned that this loser had not done what she wanted him to do. She forced him to do it again but this time after he had been shown the consequences of not doing what the mistress wanted him to do. She crushed him using her boots and she did it from head to toe. When he was done, she warned him against repeating his mistake.

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