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Miss Jessie gets right into her male slave's punishment. She kicks him hard in his big belly and balls while wearing her favorite black boots. The brutal dominating female makes him strip down to his boxers before kicking him in the balls a few more times. She then commands him to put his head on a chair so she can trample his face. Miss Jessie gets him on the floor and walks all over him like the useless doormat that he is.

Megan proves that she can be a mean bitch. She gets her masked slave hard while she is wearing her black boots with spike heels. The cruel dominating brunette then kicks him in the balls hard enough to bring him down to his knees. She doesn't stop kicking his nuts until they are completely destroyed. Mean Megan knows that there is nothing more satisfying than to make a male slave weak, vulnerable and pathetic.

Miss Jane shows her submissive male slave no mercy. She stomps on his belly while wearing black boots and miniskirt. The blonde dominating female even kicks him in the belly and busts his nuts with a brutal kick. This is one woman that enjoys punishing her slave. She even kicks him in the faces and walks all over his balls and bare chest. Miss Jane may be a newcomer but she is very experienced in handing out punishment.

Mistress Megan was still wearing her hot pink tights and black leather biker jacket and boots when she came home. Her perverted male slave will do anything just to sniff her sweaty boots. The brutal brunette promises he can if only he can take her kicks. She gives him a couple of light kicks before kicking flat out in the nuts. He bends over and falls to the floor paralyzed with pain. Mistress Megan laughs at him while calling him a loser.

There is a reason why you don't mess around with Lady Steffi. She gets pissed off at a couple of guys and starts busting their faces. The tough tattooed redheaded bitch kicks them hard in their faces while wearing her high-heeled black boots. She is not gentle with them either and doesn't show an ounce of pity to them. Makes me wonder what they really did to make Lady Steffi so mad at them.

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