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Miss Jessie is not one to mess with. She is a quiet mistress and likes her instructions followed. She does not like to cross paths with anyone but she also appreciates when people let her be. This guy violated that rule and she had to do something about it. She trampled him hard using her high heel boots and even jumped on his body. To make it even worse, she kicked him all over from the face to the balls.

Madame Marissa and her friend were enjoying themselves in the woods. This guy came and disturbed their peace. They were pissed off and told him off. But he thought he could bully them. He tried and failed as the mistresses made him lick the dirty soles of their feet. They humiliated him and punished him and made him regret ever messing with them in the first place. Then they let him go.

Lisa Jordan is as hot as they come. But she is also as cruel as they come. When she combines the two, the result is a deadly combination. That is what this guy realized when he tried to mess with her and she turned on him and trampled and crushed him. He had to beg her for mercy before she trampled him some more and let him go with his tail between his legs.

Lady Cathy had to punish this guy for making fun of her weight. She is extra sensitive about her looks and when this guy tried to make fun of it, she could not stomach it. She dragged him to her place nearby and tied him with his hands to his back. Then she made him lick the soles of her boots and her socks as well before he apologized profusely.

This mistress was paid to punish this slave. She did not spare him. She made sure that she punished him real good. And she used her high heel boots to do the punishment. She has a boot fetish and for her, they are the best because they can have a fashion angle as well as a punishment angle. She trampled and crushed him till he begged for mercy from her.

Sophia was in the house alone. She wanted something to do before her slave arrived and she found herself trying to compare her boot fetish skills against those of other mistresses on the internet. She wanted to also acquire new skills which she would use to humiliate and degrade her slaves with. But she did not get many which were better than hers. So she felt good that she was one of the best.

Mistress Marie did not like this guy's sex. She wanted to punish him so that he could up his game. She took him to her punishment room and made him sit down. Then she went in front of him and used her high heel boots to trample his cock and his balls. He cried in pain and she told him that if he did not improve his sex game, she would do it again.

Madame Marissa wanted to teach her friend how to humiliate a slave. So she called her friend when she had a slave. She used her boots to humiliate the slave as her friend watched. After making the slave lick the soles of her boots and do other disgusting and humiliating things, she asked her friend to try it and she did it expertly. They had fun at the expense of the slave.

This mistress was bored at home and she had to get something to do to pass time. She does not like to repeat things she has done so she did not want to watch television or browse the internet. She went and wore her shoes and then went to her guest bedroom and found some balloons. She inflated them and then used her high heels to deflate and burst them.

Princess Lacey loves high heel boots. She loves them because she looks gorgeous in them. The boots are her way of making cash because she loves to tease her slaves and make crazy videos for her money slaves. When they see her in them, they loosen their purse strings and they bank roll her. That is why she has perfected the art of using her boots to flirt with them.

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