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Comtesse Prodige gets her favorite boots wet and dirty outside on a rainy day. She then takes them inside and makes you her new boot licker in this wild point of view video. The dominating female tells you to use your useless tongue to clean her boots. She wants them spotless for her next walk. If you don't do what she tells you, then she will punish you severely.

Mistress Amy is looking for a new boot looker. She has a new pair of black knee-high boots with high heels that needs a good licking. The long-legged slender blonde choose you in this point of view video. She tells you to lick the soles of her black boots before sucking the high heels. You should listen to her give you the instructions and don't screw it up for she can kick you pretty hard if you do.

Sarah tramples Mark's head while wearing her hard ankle boots in the kitchen. She drinks from a glass while she walks all over him. The sassy dominating female doesn't care how she steps on his chest and face. She loses her balance at one point but that doesn't stop her from stepping back on him. He suffers and squirms in pain under her full weight. All the uncensored action is caught in this point of view video.

I really don't know why Bratty Jamie is freaking out in the kitchen. Maybe one of her fans requested a bizarre point of view video. I do know that she is wearing a black latex top, tights and high-heeled boots. The slender blonde looks very tempting and likes to call you names. She will make you addicted to her like no other. You will become Bratty Jamie's bitch for life.

Mistress Amy commands you to lick the soles of her black boots with spiked heels. She makes you get on the floor and become her boot licking slave. The gorgeous slender blonde wants you to clean her dirty black boots with your tongue. Make them shine as if they were brand new. Don't miss a single spot or she'll make your clean them all over again. Mistress Amy has never been better than in this hot point of view video.

Princess Lacey wears a black tank top, jeans and her dirty boots while sitting in her favorite chair. She tells you about how she went out last night to the club. The blonde would have you buy her a new pair but she really likes the black boots. She commands you to clean them with your tongue. Princess Lacey then gets an idea and tells you to whip out your little dick. She commands you to clean her dirty boots with your cum.

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