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Mistress Marie decides to use her nude submissive male slave's cock as a footrest. She does so while wearing her black boots with spiked heels. The dominating female sits in a while chair while she abuses his cock and balls. He gets his genitals crushed by her spiked heel but he knows better than to complain. Mistress Marie could shove the spike heels up his ass for an even crueler punishment.

An unnamed brunette Mistress ordered her stupid slave to clean her dungeon. She finds him taking a break when she checks to if the job is finished. The dominating female has to teach the submissive male a lesson. She throws his sandwich on the floor and knocks ashes from her cigarette on top of it. The brunette Mistress then crushes the slave's sandwich underneath her black boot. She makes him eat if off the floor like a dog.

Mistress Megan was still wearing her hot pink tights and black leather biker jacket and boots when she came home. Her perverted male slave will do anything just to sniff her sweaty boots. The brutal brunette promises he can if only he can take her kicks. She gives him a couple of light kicks before kicking flat out in the nuts. He bends over and falls to the floor paralyzed with pain. Mistress Megan laughs at him while calling him a loser.

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