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This mistress loves her boots dearly. She loves to wear them almost anywhere she goes not only because they are beautiful and make her look great, she also loves them because they are a tool for punishment. She gets pissed off easily and she does not like to get mad at something or someone for too long. She likes to get even and with her boots, she can trample and kick or trample the offender instantly.

This mistress is hot. She loves herself just as much as the guys love her. She likes to take advantage of this fact to have a little fun. She loves boots and enjoys using them to have this fun at the expense of guys. She likes to make them lick the boots or her dirty socks. She also likes to make the guy endure her painful trampling telling them that it turns her on.

Mistress Marie is not someone to mess with. She does not get mad easily but when she does, she is the worst person to deal with. Her punishments are cruel and she delivers them with intent. She was pissed off by this guy and she punished him cruelly and painfully. She had him bend over while completely naked and she tied his balls and pulled the string. She also used her high heels on his balls.

Masorotica sits on her throne wearing her favorite black boots. She has a new dirty boot licker and she puts him right to work. The long-legged slender dominating female smiles as he uses his tongue for something useful for a change. She lets him lick the dirty soles of her black boots and even tells him how good a job he is doing. When he misses up, Masorotica is quick to plant her boot bottom on his face.

Miss Jessie gets right into her male slave's punishment. She kicks him hard in his big belly and balls while wearing her favorite black boots. The brutal dominating female makes him strip down to his boxers before kicking him in the balls a few more times. She then commands him to put his head on a chair so she can trample his face. Miss Jessie gets him on the floor and walks all over him like the useless doormat that he is.

Mistress Marie is proud to present Mistress Lucette's first boot licking experience. She sits on a couch while a bare chested submissive slave worships her sexy white boots with high heels. He licks the dirty bottom with his useless tongue. She even makes him gag on her high heels. Mistress Lucette impresses Mistress Marie so much that she might let her make more point of videos like this in the future.

Mistress Melina is wearing blue denim jeans in this point of view video. She lifts her boots over your face and crushes you under her soles. The wild dominating blonde shows you no mercy as she grinds your face beneath her boots. Not matter how much you struggle or scream in agony, she will not stop crushing you. Mistress Melina knows how to give out punishment to pathetic boot slaves like you.

Mistress Marie decided to give her wicked white boots a workout. She makes sure that her masked male slave is bound securely as he lays on the floor. The cruel Mistress stars crushing his small balls and pathetic cock until he screams. That is music to her ears and makes her want to abuse his balls even more. She then walks all over his bare body while still wearing her white boots.

Mistress Kitty makes her bare chested male slave lick her dirty boots outside. She makes sure that he cleans her really dirty soles and heels with his useless tongue. The mature long-legged slender blonde even makes him lay down on the hot concrete slab while she put a boot heel in his mouth and gagged him. She even rubbed her dirty boots on his ugly face in order to clean them better.

A brunette Mistress is riding a white horse. She is wearing a white blouse, gray breeches and black riding boots. The dominating female sits on a saddle while she rides the horse. She looks like she is always pissed off. I wouldn't be surprised if she punishes her male slave when she gets done riding the white horse. She probably has a whole stable of slaves waiting to be dominated by her.

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